Thursday, July 22, 2010

Suntans and Feeding Tubes

August 30th
Kenny’s mom and step dad came up for a visit today. They got to see the boys looking cool with their phototherapy glasses on. Their biliruben levels (jaundice indicator) were a little high, so they had to be put under a really bright light. Because the light is so bright and the boys eyes are also very premature, they have to wear some foam sunglasses that strap around their head. They are unswaddled and stripped down to just their diaper, which most babies don’t like, but Dane and Nyle didn’t seem to mind. They looked like they enojoyed their time in the sun.

Here’s a shot of Nyle and Dane. Their futures’ so bright… (I know it’s lame, but the kids are cute.)

Nyle also began getting breastmilk through a feeding tube today (that’s what is coming out of their mouths in the pictures. They tape the tube to the boys chin to keep it in the correct place. At 6 hour intervals, the nurse will check for aspirate to see what is left in his stomach and not digested yet. If the amount left is okay per a feeding protocol, they will then give them more milk. If there is too much they will skip that feeding. Before this, all of their nutrition came only from their IVs. They boys will remain on their IVs, though, until they are taking more food each day.

August 31st
Dane started getting fed through the feeding tube today. Since he is a little bit bigger than Nyle, he gets more food at each feeding. Dane was a little later getting mik because they were trying to let the blood that he swallowed during delivery work its way through his system. They are both only getting very small amounts (2 or 3 ccs per feeding). Each day, though, the feedings will increase by 2 ccs until they get to 6. Then the feeding schedule changes to every 3 hours. This also changes their care times from every 4 hours to every 3 hours.

The nurses have begun to change the temperature of the boys isolettes based on their temperature at care times, rather than based on a constant monitoring of their body temperature. The little silver leads on their bellies in some of the pictures is what monitored their body temperature and that fed their temperatures to the isolette and it automatically adjusted the temperature inside. The temperature of the isolettes have begun to come down slowly as the boys are showing that they can hold their own temperature.

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