Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dad's First Diaper

August 29th
We headed down to see the boys in the morning. When we got down there, we discovered that Nyle was already off the CPAP machine and that Dane would come off in a few hours. That put both boys on room air in a little over 24 hours. That is spectacular.

Here’s Dane with no breathing assistance, waving to the camera. The things on his cheeks are the velcro that is used to hold the CPAP to his face. The "mustache" came off shortly after this picture was taken.

Here’s Nyle with no breathing assistance.

There were plenty of visitors today. Besides Crystal’s mom and sister, Tennille, Crystal’s Dad, Grandma Hardesty, sister, Jill, and niece, Maddie, all came up to visit and see the boys.
Here’s Crystal and Grandpa checking in on Nyle.

Kenny got taught how to change a diaper today. He did well, considering it was his first diaper ever, Crystal’s entire family was watching, it was through an isolette, and it was meconium. Kenny had also just been told to be very gentle with the boys because they’re nervous system is still developing, so rubbing and caressing can be painful. However, to clean up meconium with just a wet towel, you have to rub a little. Dane made it through the ordeal unscathed. Here’s the progression:

Dad – ready to go

Getting the diaper off

Trying to wipe

Help from Nurse Quinna with Dane’s legs

Trying to wipe again

“You teach me – I promise I’ll do the next one”

All done, phew!

Kenny went back to work for a half day today, since he hadn’t really been into work for almost a week. He really didn’t want to leave and Crystal didn’t really want him to go either, but we decided we’d rather have him take time off of work once the boys are released and at home.

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