Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Phototherapy

Saturday Sep 4th – Dane’s biliruben levels are high again, so they have decided to put him on a biliblanket. It gave off a nice “pool light” illumination to the room.

We also came into the NICU today to find out that they had moved the boys to smaller room because 27 week twins would be coming in soon and they need that bigger room for their equipment. We totally understand that because we’d want someone to do the same for us. Although they pulled the boys out of the big room, they did keep them together in the smaller room. That makes it much easier to spend time with both of them and not feel like we are neglecting one or the other.

Sunday Sep 5th – Who knew that one day we’d be praying for the boys to have a poopy diaper. Since their biliruben levels are up and they are slightly jaundice, the nurses have said that all they need to do is just poop, and the color will go away. Thankfully, today was the day! After days with no dirty diapers, we got two poopy diapers from Nyle and one from Dane! Who would have thought that something like this could make us so happy?
We are starting to see the boys’ personalities a little more each day. Neither like having their temperature taken (it’s only in the armpit). The night nurses say Dane has such personality, but he is so quite during the day. Nyle is the one with personality when we are there.

Sep. 6th – Grandma and Grandpa McMasters came up to visit with Uncle Tanner and his girlfriend, Sydney today.

Here’s a shot of Grandma with Dane

Nyle's biliruben levels were high today so they decided to put him on the BiliBlanket.
Doctors say everything is going great. We need to get through the feeding protocol, then we will work on non-nutritive nursing. Non-nutritive nursing is when Crystal will pump before the boys’ care times, but while they are getting fed through their tubes, we will get them to latch on like they are feeding. This is supposed to help them put together nursing with their bellies getting full.
The boys are working on keeping their temperatures up as the isolette temperatures go down. They are both doing great with this, and we hope they’ll be in an open air crib by the end of the week.

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