Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Week Old

Friday, Sep 4th
The boys are 1 week old today.
Here's Dane

Here's Nyle

Nyle’s feeding tube moved from his mouth to his nose today to get him working more on his sucking reflexes without the tube in the way. The nurses have been teaching both of us more and more everyday. They are allowing us to get the boys in and out of the isolette on our own, swaddle them ourselves, and change their clothes, bedding, etc. Feedings continue to increase for each day for both of the babies.

Today was a great day for Crystal. She got to hold both babies at the same time. The boy’s nurse took some pictures for us. Crystal loved this time, but found that holding the boys together sucks the life out of her no differently than holding them individually. She finally had to put both of them back into their isolettes because she couldn’t stay awake.
Here are a few shots of her holding both of them.

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