Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going Home and Finding a Rhythm

September 1st
Crystal was released from hospital today. Here are a few shots of her kicking back in the hospital, dealing with the swelling that happened after the delivery. Her feet were really aching.

Kenny had gone to work and had to close, so the nurses let Crystal wait to be discharged until late afternoon. That way, she could still have a place to rest and could order food rather than pay for it. Kenny had taken all of their things to the car before he left for work. He came back to pick Crystal up once he got off work. It was very difficult to leave tonight. It’s hard to know that you are going home and your babies can’t come with you.

September 2nd
Kenny is back to work full time for now and will bring Crystal up every morning but today he had the day off. We decided that since today is Dad’s day’s off, we wouldn’t accept any visitors, to allow Kenny as much time as possible with the boys. For us, the best time for visitors has been during the boys care times. That off hour is just too difficult to get everything done that needs to get done and entertain people. We are getting into a rhythm with the boys schedule. Right now, we start at 8 a.m. with our day looking like this: Nyle’s care (diaper change, temperature, blood pressure, etc), snuggle with Nyle, Dane’s care, snuggle with Dane, 1 hour break. Unfortunately, in that hour, Crystal has to pump, potty, eat, drink, return phone calls, etc. Once that hour is over, we start all over again. With such a busy schedule, it makes the days fly by.
Here's a shot of Crystal snuggling with Dane after one of his care times.

Today, the nurses tried Dane off of the nasal cannula but he was breathing too fast again, so they put it back on him. He should be done with it soon.

Sep. 3rd – Today, we came in to see that they had moved the boys into the same room. They are in a huge room now. It is big enough for 2 recliners and is great for resting.
Here are a few shots of Kenny doing some care with the boys.

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