Thursday, July 30, 2009

27 Weeks, 7 Years, and 6+ Weeks

It’s been longer between post that we intended, but Crystal’s been wrapped up in books and Kenny’s been working hard. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Restful day today. No changes.

Ultrasound – Babies look great with fluid at great levels and the closed part of Crystal’s cervix is lengthening (that’s good news). Dr. Austin said he’d like to send us home in 10 days!!!

What an eventful day! Crystal got full bathroom privileges today which included all potty breaks and a shower!!! Who new that could be so exciting!!! Kenny spent the afternoon fishing with a friend and his daughters. That was a nice break for him.

27 weeks!!! We even had a pseudo date night and enjoyed a movie together. Happy birthday Tennille.

Babies are moving around like crazy!!

Our 7th anniversary, officially 6 weeks in the hospital, and another ultrasound day. The ultrasound was positive and Dr. Austin is pleased with what he was seeing and is still confident that we will be able to go home August 1st as long as the difference between the two babies doesn’t exceed 30%.

For our anniversary, Kenny brought up dinner, ice cream, and some beautiful yellow roses. He also arranged for a manicure and pedicure for Crystal on Thursday. Like we’ve blogged many times, he is amazing!!!

Crystal finished the Narnia series today. Who new she could read all day long?

Another glucose test – yuck!! Crystal passed it, though, so no finger pricking or insulin shots for the rest of the pregnancy. Lots of visitors today and Kenny brought Carrabba’s up for dinner. Yummy!!

Another ultrasound today. They were supposed to do the growth of the babies today, but somehow the paperwork got messed us, so we aren’t able to do it until tomorrow. That’s okay, though because Kenny will be able to go now.

Today is also manicure/pedicure day. Crystal greatly enjoyed the pampering! Today is also Kenny’s last day at Gander Mountain in Coldwater. It was an emotional day for him because the people at that store have become like family and he has learned so much from them. He will greatly miss seeing them daily. Sunday will be his first day back at the Kalamazoo store. He is looking forward to it, but is definitely a little anxious about returning as a manager instead of as an associate.

Crystal finished reading Twilight today. Now she’ll be able to relate to her small group girls even better.

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