Friday, June 12, 2009

Twin Boys!!!

We had a doctor's appointment on June 3rd along with my "20-week" ultrasound. I was actually only 19 weeks at the time, but this is the standard ultrasound they do for all pregnant women. This is the one that includes counting arms, legs, heart valves, etc. Everything looked great and she was able to confirm that both babies are boys.
Here's a picture of both of them together. Baby A wasn't very cooperative. Apparently he is the one that will be curled up in a ball most of the pregnancy.
Here are a few pictures of Baby A
Here are some of Baby B
Here are the pictures that confirm their "manhood."
Some of you know and some of you don't, but we do have names selected. As of now, the babies' names will be Dane Richard and Nyle Andrew. We are very excited about how everything is progressing and how healthy the babies are right now. Crystal still feels great, but feels like she is getting really big. At our 19 week appointment, the doctor said she was measuring 26 weeks, so we are definitely measuring ahead.
Now that we know the sex of the babies, we have been able to pick out a nursery color. We are hoping to paint it this weekend. We're going with a greenish-blue. Sea green is probably the best way to describe it. We'll take some before and after pictures to post as we are working.
We've also been told that we need to get some pictures of Crystal up so everyone can see her belly growing. She's not so keen on it, but we'll get some pictures up soon.

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